45th Anniversary

Staff Highlights

Employee of the Quarter

At Mister Kleen our employees are our success! We recognize excellence with our Employee of the Quarter awards. Every quarter the operations management and headquarters management teams nominate and vote for the employees who have made the most meaningful impact on our clients, their co-workers and our company. Winners receive a certificate, a monetary gift, and recognition in The Kleen Sweep!
Rosa Zevallos


“If there is one employee we can count on, it’s Rosa. She’s here daily with a ‘go-getter’ mentality and she is not afraid of work. She helps us escort on days when there is no escort available, even when that causes her to get behind, all for the betterment of Mister Kleen. She is pleasant and courteous and always says please or thank you. Employee of the Quarter awards were made for workers like Rosa.”

Brandon Caison, Project Manager

APRIL 2021

Levi comes to work daily, he does whatever task is asked of him, even if it is not his job. He will help special services, the HQ and equipment repairs. Levi always has a positive, can-do attitude. He doesn’t complain, tell anyone no, and he is a true team player. He helps the managers if they need equipment repaired or delivered, he will fill in if we need him at an account, and he never complains about his schedule changing daily. Levi has worked at Mister Kleen for over 10 years and has always had a positive attitude and strong work ethic.”

Julio Ramirez, Production Supervisor

Levi Chavez

You Make A Difference Award

Congratulations to Hector De La Luz, Cache Collier and Prempree Chaiyakan, our You Make a Difference award winners. This award recognizes teamwork, productivity and contributions to the company and our customers that are above and beyond. Thank you for all your hard work!

Hector has been a COVID Hero for the building. He has been there supporting MK and Davis Construction. The building manager is the happiest person with Hector. He said, ‘If I don’t come to work and Hector is here, I don’t worry, I know our tenants are in great hands.’ Hector is the best.”

Danilo Ponce, Area Manager

Prempree is a model employee. The most recent kudos email was from a police officer who used the restroom after Prempree just finished cleaning. He was so impressed with her detailed work that he sent an email and described her work as immaculate and said she cleaned the restrooms to the highest standard.”

Walter Gesford, Senior Project Manager


Cache went above and beyond with our customer. She actually stayed after her shift ended and clocked out to help (clean a secured area) for immediate occupancy. We received a very good email from the customer, one of the best I’ve ever seen an employee get.”

Craig Dufour, Area Manager


The Team Player Award recognizes employees who exemplify and promote teamwork on a consistent basis. The employee is nominated by their site supervisor and must meet the following criteria: Contribution to Team – Performance demonstrates creativity, exceptional levels of customer focus, quality and teamwork; Team Interaction – Employee collaborates with team and customers effectively; Impact on a Customer – Employee has demonstrated an innovative approach to improving customer problems and needs; Quality of Outcome – Employee demonstrates measurable contributions to saving time and resources, in addition to pro-active problem resolution.

Employees are nominated by their site supervisors and must demonstrate great contribution to the team, positive team interaction, high customer impact, and quality outcomes.

Pam is energetic, produces quality work and has a genuine concern for the overall mission. She is requested by name by multiple team members due to her performance. With her keen eye, Pam identifies areas in need and corrects any issues – all in support of customer satisfaction. She works side by side newly hired employees, teaching them and showing her work methods. She leads by example, assisting anyone in need and maintains a positive attitude. It is a true pleasure having Pam on the team!

Employee Training Update

Training our employees to better serve our clients is a commitment of Mister Kleen. Recognizing that this sets us apart, we have been busy educating our team members over the last several months with the most up-to-date training in our industry. Below are highlights of some of the recent training events.

Slips, Trips, and Falls Prevention: Employees were trained to recognize and prevent slip, trip, and fall hazards.

OSHA: Managers reviewed OSHA regulations and posted OSHA forms in facilities.

Biohazards/Bloodborne Pathogens: Employees were educated on the procedures and proper handling of bloodborne pathogens and other potentially infectious material.

Hazard Awareness Training: Employees learned common workplace hazards for cleaners and safety measures to prevent illness and injury.

Ladders Training: Users were taught to recognize and avoid ladder hazards, and to be aware of safe practices in setting up, inspecting, storing, moving and use of this equipment. They also learned the proper way to climb and descend, as well as proper body mechanics and ergonomics.

Sexual Harassment: Employees were educated on the legal definition of sexual harassment, Mister Kleen’s policy, and complaint reporting process. The training also addressed promoting a culture of respect and professionalism.

Supervisory/Management Training: Supervisors and managers were provided a series of courses focused on increasing morale and retention, improving productivity, promoting communication, and training future leaders in the company.

Chemical Handling/Safety Data Sheets: All staff were trained to ensure products are being used correctly and that they are GS- 42 compliant.

Safe Lifting Training: Employees reviewed the proper procedures for lifting.

Driver Safety: Employees who drive company vehicles and those who regularly drive their own vehicles were provided with virtual training on safe driving techniques and practices.

Mister Kleen Attends BSCAI Executive Management Conference

Mister Kleen attended the Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI) Executive Management Conference April 29 to May 1 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The three-day conference took place in person and via virtual livestream feeds, bringing together members and their management teams to discuss strategies to achieve company priorities and to learn from other industry professionals.

The annual event includes education sessions that provide new perspectives on industry related topics. Among the speakers and events were renowned leadership advisor Rene Rodriguez, who spoke on The Science of Modern Leadership; leading business development advisor Scott Tackett, who spoke on how to empower employees in the session Empowerment vs Entitlement; and best-selling author and globally recognized business consultant Mark Schaefer, who discussed how to reimagine connections with clients to better serve them.

Representatives from Mister Kleen included President Ernie Clark Jr., CBSE, COO Tony Simon, and Director of Contract Administration Chad Clark, RBSM.

The conference gave Mister Kleen representatives the opportunity to explore new cutting-edge products and industry innovations.

The conference also provided the opportunity for Mister Kleen representatives to strengthen relationships with clients outside of formal work settings.

employee tenure

At Mister Kleen, we are very fortunate to have many loyal employees who have grown with us over the years. To show our appreciation, we have a recognition program for employees who celebrate milestone anniversaries of 5, 10 and 15+ years.


Mister Kleen’s recipients for FIVE YEARS of dedicated service are:

Mister Kleen’s recipients for TEN YEARS of dedicated service are:

Mister Kleen’s recipients for FIFTEEN YEARS of dedicated service are:

We appreciate all the hard work and dedication you have shown over the years.

We look forward to many more. Thank you!

Mister Kleen is a leading provider of contract cleaning services to Commercial and High Security facilities since 1976. Our primary service area is the DC Metro region. We also provide a variety of interior and exterior specialty services.