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Our Clients Say It Best

When clients take the time to commend our team, we are especially pleased and proud! Below are highlights from recent client messages.

Your team provided amazing support today. We can’t thank everyone enough for their efforts.

~ Ryan B.

I want to share that Deine Avila, who came to complete the vacuuming, was amazing — truly. She vacuumed so thoroughly and even used an attachment to vacuum next to our desk bases and table legs and under all the computer wires! Our office looks so clean, and I am truly thankful for the incredibly thorough job and attention to detail.

~ Client at a High Security Facility

I wanted to recognize Sonia on the cleaning crew for the great support that she provides. She’s always willing to help anytime we need something and she does a great job every day. I really appreciate her support. 

~ Client at a High Security Facility

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that we very much appreciate Gloria and her attention to detail! So many tenants have mentioned to me that they love her and appreciate her efforts. Having worked with Gloria in the past, I’m not shocked at all. She is great and we are glad she is here supporting us! Our two main front offices have made compliments about her. I would be wrong not to mention Andy as well. Tenants also love him! Andy works hard each and every day and we very much appreciate and love seeing him. Finally, this would not be possible without you and Antonia‘s hard work and dedication to the mission and to Mister Kleen.

~ Client at a High Security Facility

We received an email today that one of the tenants saw Peggy working the pantry area today and wanted to pass along what an outstanding job she does for everyone. They stated that whenever she manages any floor she always cares for the upkeep with attention to detail. Her dedication and work ethic is appreciated by all. Please pass along our gratitude for her hard work! Thank you so much!

~ Client at a High Security Facility


The Importance of a Clean Parking Lot: First Impressions and Beyond

Your parking lot or garage is often the first impression customers and tenants have of your business. A clean, well-maintained space not only projects a professional image, it also promotes safety and extends the life of your pavement. Commercial cleaning services such as Mister Kleen can help your parking areas appear spick and span.

More than just aesthetics, regular cleaning offers a range of benefits:

  • Safety: Dirt, debris, and spills can create slippery surfaces, increasing the risk of falls for pedestrians and drivers. Proper cleaning minimizes these hazards.
  • Durability: Debris like gravel and sand act like sandpaper, wearing down pavement over time. Regular sweeping extends the lifespan of your parking area.
  • Curb Appeal: A clean parking lot creates a welcoming atmosphere and reflects well on your business. It can also discourage littering, keeping the space cleaner for longer.
  • Drainage: Clogged drains from leaves and debris can lead to standing water, damaging pavement and creating breeding grounds for pests. Regular cleaning ensures proper drainage.

Mister Kleen’s Parking Lot Cleaning Services

We understand that every parking area has unique needs. Our professional cleaning services can be tailored to fit your specific situation, including:

Sweeping: Our powerful sweepers efficiently remove dirt and debris.

Power Washing: For tougher grime, oil spills, and gum removal, our pressure washing services can leave your surfaces sparkling.

Line Striping: Crisp, clear parking lines are essential for safety and organization. We offer high-quality line striping services.

Don’t let a dirty parking lot be a negative reflection on your business. Mister Kleen can help you create a clean, safe, and welcoming environment for everyone!


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