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Maintaining a Healthy Facility Through Flu Season & COVID-19

This flu season is like no other as facility managers deal with the annual influenza outbreak during a global pandemic. While the two illnesses share many similarities, there are some key differences that may affect how you maintain a healthy work environment for your occupants. Mister Kleen provides information, resources, and services to help our clients avoid a “winter twindemic” from running rampant in their facilities.

How can I help employees and tenants remain healthy?

COVID SymptomsIt’s not too late to get a flu shot, so encourage employees and tenants to get the flu vaccine if they haven’t done so already. Communicate the importance of getting a flu shot this year and provide resources about where they can get a flu vaccine. Also, consider hosting a flu vaccine clinic at your facility.

Provide resources and materials to promote preventative actions. For example, install no-touch soap dispensers and faucets in restrooms, and place hand sanitizing stations at high touch, high traffic areas like elevator lobbies. Mister Kleen offers hand sanitizing stations and hand sanitizer refills for purchase as a convenience for clients who may be having difficulty sourcing these items.

Regularly review your scope of work for an ongoing cleaning and disinfection plan. Consider increasing the cleaning schedule and using day porter services dedicated to applying disinfectants throughout the day. The sight of porters regularly performing disinfection services to high touch areas such as lobbies, elevators and stairwells can help instill confidence and peace of mind for office occupants.

Have an emergency plan in place in the event of a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19. Mister Kleen responds to Emergency Disinfecting Service requests 24/7 – even in High Security facilities that require cleared personnel. Ask about our Enhanced Kleen program. After ensuring surfaces do not contain visible dirt, our specialty teams apply fast acting disinfectants from the EPA’s List N using innovative Electrostatic Spraying technology along with conventional application methods.

With the proper planning, you may be able to help your tenants and occupants working safely and in good health through the winter flu season. Mister Kleen is here to help – please feel free to contact us by calling 703-719-6900.

Our Clients Say It Best

When clients take the time to commend our team, we are especially pleased and proud! Below are highlights from recent client messages.

I cannot help but notice the important work that is performed by the Mister Kleen staff.  … the Mister Kleen staff that I encounter have consistently done a good job at keeping our spaces clean, and just as importantly, they do so with dedication and good cheer.  It is a pleasure to see them each day as they go about their jobs. I want to especially recognize Charles Marshall, Christopher Marshall, Steven Earley, Roy Drummonds, Cody Sine, Marie Moore, and Mike Williams. Keep up the good work! It is appreciated.

~ Mister Kleen Client

My tenant had great feedback on your team. They were on time, professional and ‘everything went extremely well.’ They were also impressed with the quick turnaround time.

~ Mister Kleen Client

Julio Ramirez, as always, thanks for your hard work and the great job your team does.

~ Mister Kleen Client

I wanted to send along my appreciation to the following individuals for all their hard work: Bilic Bonilla, Jose Mendoza, Atem Morfaw, Miguel Vasquez. These gentlemen were very professional and quickly answered any questions we had and addressed any concerns immediately. Mister Kleen is fortunate to have these employees as part of their staff. Please pass along my appreciation to all the guys.

~ Mister Kleen Client

the security connection update

Phone GPS Pin

6 Tips to Limit Location Data Exposure

Smartphones and other mobile devices inherently trust cellular networks—af­ter all, that’s their job. The trouble is, depending on your industry, company role, and the nature of your work, you may want to hide data from the network.

In particular, you may not want to share your location data at all times. This has become enough of a concern for the National Security Agency to issue a recent alert about the risks posed by mobile and Internet of Things devices, as well as apps that love to gather location data.

Here are some tips to keep your whereabouts to yourself:

  1. Disable location service settings on your devices. Also, be sure to engage pri­vacy settings within apps so their access to your data is minimized.
  2. Disable Bluetooth and wifi when they aren’t in use. Also, consider turning on airplane mode when you’re not using your device.
  3. To the extent possible, avoid apps that are heavily dependent on location data; maps, compasses, and fitness apps all fall into this category.
  1. Disable advertising permissions as much as possible, and reset your device’s advertising ID at least on a weekly basis.
  2. Disable apps such as FindMy that allow tracking of lost devices.
  3. Use a virtual private network, or VPN. Also be sure to enable privacy set­tings on your web browser, and minimize web browsing on mobile devices as much as possible.

Not all of these strategies are nec­essary at all times; remember, this is an NSA directive focused on workers who often deal in extremely sensitive informa­tion. However, there’s no getting around it: When the exposure of location data could compromise a mission, users must prioritize mitigating risks to the greatest extent possible.

7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Some tips from the Better Busi­ness Bureau and other experts on protecting your children’s internet privacy:

  1. Teach the language of online pri­vacy. Together, look up the meaning of common terms: personal information, cookies, third party, license, user content, and so on.
  2. Read privacy policies to­gether. Make it a game! Have your kids read the privacy policies and terms of use of apps they want to use. If they grumble that it takes too long, remind them of the importance of knowing what they sign up for.
Child at computer
  1. Learn about settings. All social media apps offer a suite of privacy settings. Read and understand these so you can help your children make wise choices.
  2. Avoid sharing your location. These days, nearly every app automatically tracks a user’s location. It’s a good idea for children to disable this feature. Plus, advise them not to geotag posts with their location.
  3. Use parental controls if necessary. Although the best way to keep a child’s online privacy safe is to teach them to manage it themselves, it doesn’t hurt to have their backs by using paren­tal controls, es­pecially when they’re young.
  1. Share with care. What is posted online can last a lifetime. Teach your kids that any infor­mation they share online can be copied and is almost impossible to take back.
  2. Personal information is like money. Educate your kids about the value of their information and about how to be selective regarding apps and websites.


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