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Job Fairs: Hiring Virtually The Best

Virtual Job Fair

Attending a job fair used to mean dressing up, printing out resumes, and driving all over town to interact with recruiters. This past year, Mister Kleen has pivoted to hosting virtual job fair events to meet the needs of our applicants in today’s hiring climate.

As with many aspects of our lives, the pandemic has shifted how Mister Kleen operates, including how we recruit and hire top-tier applicants. Shifting to virtual job fairs has been outstanding for our recruiting team in the integral work that they do hiring high-caliber team members to serve our clients.

“Our virtual job fairs have enabled Mister Kleen to create a compelling candidate experience from the comfort of candidates’ homes or offices,” said Human Resources Manager Susan Gabriel. “It has also delivered exceptional talent to Mister Kleen.”

Recruiting Specialist David Martinez credits the achievement of the virtual events to the personalized approach that job seekers can take when interacting with Mister Kleen. He said the digital platforms allow potential applicants to connect with recruiters right away, rather than wait for in-person interviews.

Recruiting Specialist Terry Henderson said that pivoting to a virtual format has been rewarding because recruiters are often able to connect with applicants before the job fair – prompting more leads, better communication, and faster time to fill positions.

Given the success of these virtual events, Mister Kleen plans to continue hosting virtual job fairs into 2022 and beyond.

Building Excellence Competition

BECThe Building Excellence Competition (BEC) is a special program designed to drive quality in our facilities and build pride, inspiration, and teamwork. Three times a year we have a friendly competition among our employees for the best overall building based on cleanliness, quality, and safety. Our team takes pride in this, and our clients do too! The winning team receives an onsite party, a certificate, and bragging rights!

The winner of the Winter 2022 Building Excellence Competition is a secure government site in Virginia. Congratulations to Area Manager Yolanda Rathbone and the team for outstanding service and dedication to Mister Kleen, our client, and each other – Great Job!

Our Clients Say It Best

When clients take the time to commend our team, we are especially pleased and proud! Below are highlights from recent client messages.

One significant effort we would like to point out is the magnificent work Farid did yesterday and this morning to clean up an area on the 6th floor that was nauseating and needed attention. It was in such a state we all thought we would need new carpet, new baseboards, new paint, and a new fridge. However, Farid immediately approached us with a smile and a desire to help. He took the time to clarify what needed to be done and what we wanted to achieve. He started cleaning immediately! This morning we all arrived to an immaculate space. The only thing we needed after Farid was done was a paint job, (he did admit he tried to wipe down the walls as well). A couple of people have stopped by my office to say what a great job he did and how nice he was. Thank you for bringing Farid on board, he is making a difference.

~ Sharmaine B.

I would like to relay my sincere appreciation for the efforts of Craig and his team. Recently Craig’s team has been short-handed, but he was able to pool resources to combat some areas of concern. I appreciate the continued commitment from him and the entire Mister Kleen organization. The level of support I’ve come to expect sets the bar high.

~ David J.

Doug has been phenomenal since I’ve been on board in mid-June. He is always punctual, professional and gets right to work and doesn’t stop until completion. Everything is always executed well above standard, and he even saved us from us having a potential security incident back in August.

~ Chris S.

Yesenia you should be extremely proud of your accomplishments while you have been here. You have done an amazing job and have been such a pleasure to work with and to see your professionalism and energy impact your team and this contract, so thank you very much for that. And please continue to utilize your past performance to grow and prosper with Mister Kleen and their dynamic duo Christy and Dianna. Christy and Dianna, you should take a bow for your continuing efforts and time that you put forth to find an excellent choice in Yesenia. We know it took a while, but your persistence paid off with your selection, so good work in never giving up in the search for client satisfaction and the pursuit of excellence because both are extremely important for any company’s future growth and success.

~ Rodney F.

I appreciate the partnership with the Mister Kleen team and the time and effort you and your management staff put in here, as well as helping me grow as a leader.

~ Richard E.

the security connection update

Stop the Snowball: Protect Yourself from Phishing Scams

Security Connection Update Technology is the commonality between everything in our daily lives. Whether you’re checking email at home or in the office, or scrolling through social media, you’re connected. That access and freedom is a staple in our country’s advancements and successes, but we can’t forget about those trying to take advantage of it.

Phishing is a prime example of that. Using email and social media, cyber criminals lure individuals to click on malicious links or attachments to collect personal, financial information, and infect your device with malware and viruses. Malware, short for malicious software, disrupts or damages device operations, allowing actors to gain access to the infected device.

In some cases, cyber criminals use ransomware, a type of malware that gains access to a victim’s files (personal photos, financial records, etc.), locks and encrypts such files, and then demands that person pay ransom to get them back.

Anyone can be a target, but there are ways to protect yourself and ensure the situation doesn’t snowball into something that can harm you, your family or friends.

  • If you see a link or attachment that looks suspicious, scroll past it on social media or delete/mark it as junk via email
  • Be wary of communications that implores you to act immediately
  • Use a passphrase that’s 12 characters long, and differentiate that phrase on work and personal accounts, at a minimum
  • Log out of social media and email, and lock your device when leaving the work space

More information, including resources and how you can continue to stay cyber smart, can be found at, hosted by the National Cybersecurity Alliance.

Source: National Security Agency / Central Security Service

The Enhanced Kleen Difference

Specialty Services logo

With the gradual return to in-person work, we created Enhanced Kleen, our specialized program to address the shifting priorities of our world with new techniques, custom services, and training.

Enhanced Kleen enhances our existing services to focus more on health and safety by ensuring your facility has the appropriate service levels and products to mitigate risk and exposure in today’s environment.

A clean office is one way to help reassure everyone who enters a building that they, and the space they are in, are being cared for. Living through the pandemic has forced people to re-evaluate what is considered “clean,” and has prioritized cleaning not only for appearance’s sake, but also for safety and health.

Mister Kleen is well equipped to follow the changing guidelines and interpret what they mean for your business. Our technicians have received updated training and have also increased the frequency of how often they treat surfaces. In addition, the emphasis has shifted from simply cleaning surfaces to sanitizing and disinfecting them. And since each workplace is unique, different cleaning solutions must be applied based on each environment.

  • Increased janitorial services including cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.
  • Increased disinfecting of high touch-point areas such as door handles, lobbies, elevators, conference rooms, restrooms, fitness centers, and dining areas.
  • Preventative electrostatic disinfecting for effective distribution on all hard-to-reach surfaces.
  • Consultation or site assessment to provide recommendations based on best practices.
  • Enhanced add-on options including signs, employee information sessions, PPE supplies, touchless strategies (hand sanitizer stands and dispensers, door pedals, auto light switches, etc.), disinfecting wipes, and increased visibility of cleaning team.

Today, companies must take a proactive approach to the cleaning challenges that are presented.

Please contact us for more information on our Enhanced Kleen program. For more information, visit our webpage, or contact us at (703) 719-6900.


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