Client Spotlights

Our Clients Say It Best

When clients take the time to commend our team, we are especially pleased and proud! Below are highlights from recent client messages.

I wanted to let you know that Joyce Garner got major kudos from a tenant. She gave them Clorox Wipes from her personal stash she had in the car. They were deeply appreciative and complimented her for always taking good care of them. They wanted to make sure we are aware. Please pass along the message and our thanks.

~ Kathy K., Boston Properties

I’ve received a lot of feedback recently that the Mister Kleen crew has been doing an incredible job keeping the building clean and safe. Please pass along our thanks and let them know we really appreciate all they are doing to keep the building clean throughout the week and over the weekends.

~ Shannon A., USG Tenant

Please share with the folks who worked over the weekend on the floor… it looks AMAZING. It’s so shiny and clean. Haven’t seen it this way in a long time. I know it was a lot of work to get it cleaned. So appreciative. Thank you!!!

~ Rosie S., USG Tenant

Good morning Ms. Clark, just to follow up after our conversation that Janice Moten has been doing a great job. I and other co-workers just wanted you and your staff to know this and PLEASE keep Janice in our area because we know she will ALWAYS do a very good job. She is friendly and knows how to talk to people, and just overall treats people the way that someone is supposed to treat another person. The bathrooms are ALWAYS clean!

~ Fred S., USG Tenant

Kleen Sweep "Steaks" Bingo

Our annual Kleen Sweep “Steaks” Bingo was yet again a major hit! Each client received a custom bingo card, and each morning a question was sent to their email to locate the answer to that question. The top three bingo winners receive cool prizes and recognition in The Kleen Sweep.
Grace Chiu

1st Place Winner

Grace Chiu, Peterson Companies

Bonnie Muth

2nd Place Winner

Bonnie Muth,
Peterson Companies

Margaret Propps

3rd Place Winner

Margaret Propps,
Peterson Companies

the security connection update


So what should you keep?
Experts say the following:

  • Military records
  • Birth certificate
  • Social Security card
  • Current travel documents
  • Academic documents such as diplomas

To Shred or Not to Shred?

Nobody wants to shred a document only to find they need it urgently. But experts say that most people don’t shred enough records, leaving themselves open to all manner of fraud.

Here are things that should be destroyed:

  • Credit card info, such as pre-approved offers and applications and courtesy checks. These checks, in particular, must be shredded for obvious reasons.
  • Monthly bills that contain your account information. Remember, these can be used to obtain voter registration cards, which can then help crooks obtain other forms of ID.
  • Financial statements from checking, savings, and investment accounts that contain your full account number. Experts suggest switching to e-statements for such accounts.
  • Pay stubs or anything pertaining to your workplace, except 1099s and other tax-related paperwork necessary to file your annual tax return.
  • Any expired ID, especially if it includes your driver’s license or Social Security number. These are goldmines for fraudsters.
  • Medical forms; any stolen medical ID number makes you extremely vulnerable to ID fraud. This fast-growing type of identity theft can take years to untangle, especially for young people.
  • Mail from companies with which you’ve done business.

Four Steps to Secure Your Smart Home Cameras

Smart cameras. Baby monitors. Doorbell security. It seems smart cameras are everywhere—and while they bring many benefits, they can also be hacked, like any other Internet of Things device.

Smart cameras, when hacked, can put your family at risk. They can also serve as a toehold for cyber-attackers seeking to breach your personal information. That’s why it’s vital that you take the right steps to avoid being hacked:

Camera Group
Camera Group
  1. Change default passwords. Like most IoT devices, smart cameras often come preset with default passwords that are well known to hackers. Experts say you should immediately change these passwords to something long, strong, and unique. A good password is at least eight characters long, with upper- and lowercase letters, numerals, and at least one special character.
  2. Update your software regularly. Software updates provided by manufacturers offer patches for security bugs, add new features, and improve overall functionality. By regularly applying these updates, you’ll ensure your camera is as secure as it can possibly be. The best advice is to take advantage of automatic updates, so you’ll never have to think about the process again.
  3. Disable remote view. Most newer security cameras let you remotely view your footage via the internet, typically using an app. However, many experts strongly advise users to disable this feature. Why? Remember, any video that you can see remotely can potentially be seen by others in the same way.
  4. Go with a trusted brand. With any electronic device, you’ll find many brands at many price points. Keep in mind that a trusted consumer brand is more likely to stick around for the long haul and address any issues you may have.
Source: National Security Institute

TSA Tips

As coronavirus concerns grow, the Transportation Security Administration is advising air travelers to keep certain high-touch items out of security bins during standard screening procedures. In hopes of stopping COVID-19’s spread, the TSA is now instructing people to keep personal items like the following out of the heavily used bins:

1. Phones 2. Wallets 3. Keys

With the bins often used by hundreds of travelers passing through checkpoints per hour, a spokesperson said people should secure these personal items in carry-on items, to be screened via X-ray.

Source: National Security Institute


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