Staff Highlights

Employee of the Quarter

Todd McKoy

Todd McKoy – January 2020

Todd is energetic, produces quality work, and has a genuine concern for the overall mission. He identifies areas in need and heads off any potential issues – all in support of customer satisfaction. He has daily interaction with Mister Kleen staff members, working side by side, teaching, and showing newly hired employees his work methods.”

Walter Gesford, Project Manager

Troy Jackson – April 2020

Troy not only makes my job easier but he is willing to support the other Mister Kleen sites as well. Recent examples of Troy helping out at other sites are running the street sweeper and working on the COVID-19 cleanup team. At one of our high security facilities, Troy is willing to work whenever needed. The best part about all the work Troy does is that he knows our full operation and is proactive in setting up for jobs. Troy is well respected by his co-workers. He is a hard worker and a leader.

Walter Gesford, Project Manager

Troy Jackson
John Scott

Team Player Award
John Scott, Jr. - January 2020

John always helps us out with staffing. Whenever someone fills in for a callout, he will make sure that person knows what to do and will help in any way needed. He will always brainstorm with supervisors about any customer needs.”

Alonzo Freeman and Ethel Caudill, Site Supervisors

You Make A Difference Award

Angel Carballo

Angel Quintero Carballo – January 2020

Angel is a great employee. He is always on time, in uniform, and productive at work. He never misses work and he truly loves his job. The tenants love him too! He is an overall great cleaner and a great person.”

Joyce Garner, Area Manager

Lenore Sullivan – April 2020

Lenore, known as Sully, has been a true team player during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sully has been with Mister Kleen for over 8 years. She keeps the client happy by maintaining their pantries and restrooms ensuring they’re stocked and clean. She volunteers for more work whenever possible. Sully loves telling jokes to keep up office morale. She makes sure new hires feel welcomed.”

Brandon Caison, Project Manager

Lenore Sullivan

safety crusader award

Safety is very important to Mister Kleen! The Safety Crusader program is designed to promote a safe work environment for our employees and the tenants of the buildings we service. Our employees earn the opportunity to be recognized and rewarded by proactively making suggestions and identifying safety risks. Congratulations to our winners:
Belky Fuentes, Melvin Salguero, Alan Carrico, Donna Morgan!

Belky Fuentes

Belky Fuentes shared safety observations with fellow employees at a site where construction was taking place.

Melvin Salguero

Melvin Salguero took preventative action to improve infrastructure.

Alan Carrico

Alan Carrico suggested recommendations in our transportation operations to enhance safety.

Donna Morgan (not pictured) recommended enhanced training in cleaning protocols.

We appreciate your observations. Thank you for a job well done!

employee tenure

At Mister Kleen, we are very fortunate to have many loyal employees who have grown with us over the years. To show our appreciation, we have a recognition program for employees who celebrate milestone anniversaries of 5, 10 and 15+ years.

Mister Kleen’s recipients for FIVE YEARS of dedicated service are:

  • Silvia Santos Larin, Restroom Technician
  • Anthony Porter, Day Porter
  • Miguel Villegas, Site Supervisor
  • Lynda Bennett, Project Manager
  • Lutricia Brown, Light Duty Specialist
  • Susan Gabriel, HR Manager

Mister Kleen’s recipients for TEN YEARS of dedicated service are:

  • Roy Drummonds, Light Duty Specialist
  • Julia Campos Benavides, Light Duty Specialist
  • Don Lee Jr, Floor Technician
  • Harold Cruz, Site Supervisor
  • Adolfo Camberos, Maintenance Porter

Mister Kleen’s recipients for FIFTEEN YEARS of dedicated service are:

  • Lorena Diaz-Escobar, Cleaning Technician
  • Jose Andrade, Day Porter

We appreciate all the hard work and dedication you have shown over the years. We look forward to many more. Thank you!

employee training update

Mister Kleen is committed to continuous regular training of employees to better serve our clients – which we recognize sets us apart.

Much of our training since the beginning of the year has focused on addressing SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Four senior leaders obtained Certification in the Global Biorisk Advisory Council’s new Online Fundamentals Training Course. The GBAC program teaches infection and contamination control measures for infectious disease outbreak situations with an emphasis on SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19. We also provided the following training related to COVID-19:

Biohazards and Bloodborne Pathogens

Biohazards and Bloodborne Pathogens, a mandatory annual safety training that ensures all employees understand the procedures and proper handling of bloodborne pathogens and other potentially infectious materials. This year, the training covered the sources of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19, the hazards associated with that exposure, and appropriate workplace protocols in place to help prevent or reduce the likelihood of exposure. Training also included how to isolate individuals with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 or other infectious diseases, and how to report possible cases.

EPA-registered Disinfectant Protocol

EPA-registered Disinfectant Protocol Review of proper techniques, including initial cleaning and then disinfection, as well as proper dwell times for the products.

Proper Use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Proper Use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), including when to use it; what PPE is necessary; how to properly put on, use, and take off; how to properly dispose of or disinfect; how to inspect for damage; how to maintain PPE; and the limitations of PPE.

Mister Kleen is a leading provider of contract cleaning services to Commercial and High Security facilities since 1976. Our primary service area is the DC Metro region. We also provide a variety of interior and exterior specialty services.