Staff Highlights

Employee of the Quarter

At Mister Kleen our employees are our success! We recognize excellence with our Employee of the Quarter awards. Every quarter the operations management and headquarters management teams nominate and vote for the employees who have made the most meaningful impact on our clients, their co-workers and our company. Winners receive a certicate, a monetary gift, and recognition in The Kleen Sweep!


Juana is the day porter and does an outstanding job with quality. The building facility team is the happiest with Juana and they never complain. I can count on her and she is always ready to go. She is doing an excellent job with COVID-19 cleaning.”

Yolanda Rathbone, Area Manager

APRIL 2022

Natasha has been a great addition to our team. She is always willing to help, stay late, work extra hours, and learn how to do new things. She is always on time. She has a smile on her face and being hearing-impaired has not stopped her from being a superstar. She is one of the greatest workers we have, and we are so grateful to have her on our team. Since Natasha has been here, she has received lots of praise for her hard work and we are very pleased. Natasha is a person who helps others and is willing to complete any task we need help with.”

Antonia Tibbs and Margaret Joyner, Area Managers

Tom Miller Team Player Award


The Tom Miller Team Player Award recognizes employees who exemplify and promote teamwork consistently. The award is named after former employee Tom Miller who exemplified teamwork through his years of service.

Employees are nominated by their site supervisors and must demonstrate great contribution to the team, positive team interaction, high customer impact, and quality outcomes.

Tonya began her journey with Mister Kleen in 2009, she is a loyal dedicated employee for more than 10 years who takes her job seriously. Always willing to help out wherever she is needed. She is definitely a team player. She does multiple jobs – mainly restrooms – but she also helps out with jobs at other job sites. Tonya has a great relationship with her team and works well helping them. Tenants and property managers also say she is an invaluable resource.”

Andyton Stradford, Site Supervisor

employee tenure

We are honored to recognize some of our amazing employees for their commitment to Mister Kleen with employee tenure recognition. To show our appreciation, we have a recognition program for employees who celebrate milestone anniversaries of 1, 5, 10, and 15+ years.

Mister Kleen’s recipients for 5 YEARS of dedicated service are:

Mister Kleen’s recipients for 10 YEARS of dedicated service are:

Mister Kleen’s recipients for 15 YEARS of dedicated service are:

Mister Kleen’s recipients for 25 YEARS of dedicated service are:

We are so grateful to these employees for reaching these awesome milestones. Their hard work and dedication are inspiring and we’re grateful to have them as part of our team. Here’s to many more years.
Thank you!

Building Excellence Competition Winners

Building Excellence Competition

The Building Excellence Competition (BEC) is a special program designed to drive quality in our facilities and build pride, inspiration, and teamwork. Three times a year we have a friendly competition among our employees for the best overall building based on cleanliness, quality, and safety. Our team takes pride in this, and our clients do too! The winning team receives an onsite party, a certificate, and bragging rights!

The winner of the Summer 2022 Building Excellence Competition is a secure government site. Congratulations to Area Manager Yolanda Rathbone and Supervisor Maria Elena Abaunza for outstanding service and dedication to Mister Kleen, our client, and each other – Great Job!

You Make A Difference Award

Congratulations to Donald Barnes Jr., Manuel Lovo, Ermelinda Calderon, and Florence Randolph our You Make a Difference award winners. This award recognizes teamwork, productivity and contributions to the company and our customers that are above and beyond. Thank you for all your hard work!


Donald exemplifies what it means to be a Mister Kleen employee. He works tirelessly to achieve success not only for himself but for Mister Kleen as well. Donald is the lead for the morning shift and he works extremely well with all supervisors and does not hesitate to cover for them should the occasion arise. Donald has excellent attendance and communication skills. I feel as though our mission statement was created with employees like Donald in mind. He deserves all the recognition that comes his way.”

Brandon Caison, Project Manager


Manuel’s charisma helps the day-to-day tenants feel at home. He works hard and always lends a helping hand to others. The way he represents Mister Kleen is exceptional. We are lucky to have him on our team!

Danilo Ponce, Area Manager


Ermelinda has been with Mister Kleen for almost 10 years. She helps out a lot, even covering for other porters at other locations for different managers. She is always willing to go wherever she’s needed!”

Danilo Ponce, Area Manager


“Recently Florence received a nice kudos email from our customer for her outstanding work. Mister Kleen also recognized her and gave her an award certificate and gift card for her wonderful achievement.”

Craig Dufour, Area Manager

Annual Awards



Lynda is the winner of the 2021 Accountability Creates Excellence (ACE) Program Award. The award recognizes our Area and Project Managers that consistently display accountability and excellence through meeting strict criteria of customer care. Lynda won because of her dedication to exceeding client expectations and ability to go above and beyond, even in the face of challenging situations.

Excellent Customer Service / Site Leadership Award


Yolanda is the recipient of the 2021 Excellent Customer Service/Site Leadership Award, which recognizes employees who exceed customer expectations with high marks for accuracy and reliability. Yolanda was presented the award by Director of Field Services, Christy Da Silva (pictured left) and Vice President of Operations, Dianna Clark (pictured right).

Employee Training Update

Mister Kleen is committed to continuous regular training of employees to better serve our clients – which we recognize sets us apart.

We have been busy educating our team members over the last several months with the latest in COVID-19 safety and protection as well as other timely, educational training, such as through our Enhanced Kleen program. Additionally, we offer optional weekly IT training sessions covering frequently requested topics for all employees.


Slips, trips, and falls prevention:
Employees are trained to recognize and prevent slip, trip, and fall hazards in the workplace. Managers also receive a review of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and post OSHA forms in buildings.


Biohazards/Bloodborne Pathogens:
Employees received training for the proper procedures and handling of bloodborne pathogens and other potentially infectious material. Employees were also trained in the procedures for handling trash.

Technology training:
Operations led training for managers on how to use our new barcode system to track equipment.


Hazard awareness training:
The Kleen Team learned about common workplace hazards for cleaners and safety measures to prevent illness and injury.


Sexual harassment:
Sexual Harassment training ensured that employees understood the legal definition of sexual harassment, Mister Kleen’s policy, and the complaint reporting process. This training also addressed how to promote a culture of respect and the importance of professional boundaries.


Chemical handling/ safety data sheets:
All staff received training to ensure that products were being used correctly and ensured that they are Green Seal (GS- 42) compliant.

Safety training:
Human Resources led training for supervisors on preventing workplace injuries and facilitating return to work.


Safe lifting training:
Staff reviewed training for the safety procedures for lifting.

Driver safety:
Human Resources led a webinar and video training for employees who drive Mister Kleen vehicles as well as for those who regularly drive their own vehicles.

Management training:
Operation and Human Resources present training to Supervisors about how to manage a multigenerational workforce for engagement and retention.

BSCAI and NSA Conference

Pictured is Tony Simon on the exhibit floor with Dan Fielding, a representative from Tacony and Tony with the NSA team at their event at the Slugger Museum and Factory.

Mister Kleen’s COO Tony Simon attended the Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI) Executive Management Conference on April 21-23 in Louisville, Kentucky. The three-day conference brought together members and their management teams to discuss strategies to achieve company priorities and to learn from other industry professionals.

We also had a chance to meet with the National Service Alliance (NSA) Buying Group, which provide a network of vendors and special pricing, which we pass along to our clients. “It was a great opportunity to stay current during this challenging environment, as I looked at new technology, discussed best practices with industry partners, and listened to inspiring professional speakers,” Tony said.

The conference also provided the opportunity for Mister Kleen to strengthen relationships with clients and peers outside of formal work settings.

We Work Hard, We Play Hard

The Kleen Team has resumed their fun activities this year, including in-person celebrations such as bridal celebrations, anniversaries, and even a sweet note from a future employee!

We celebrated Christy Da Silva’s 25 year anniversary with the Kleen Team with a tenure award and certificate at our headquarters by COO Tony Simon and Vice President of Operations Dianna Clark. Christy was also treated to an awards luncheon to reflect on her many years of dedicated service and contributions to our growth and success.

Earlier this year we surprised our HR Generalist Kathryn Sharkey with a bridal celebration at our headquarters. Congratulations on your wedding, Kathryn!

We wanted to share a thoughtful message from a future Kleen Team member, Layla, who wrote about how she would like to work for Mister Kleen when she grows up. Keeping it in the family, Layla is the granddaughter of Area Manager Joyce Gardner and daughter of employee Tonya Gardner. We hope to see her in the future!

Mister Kleen is a leading provider of contract cleaning services to Commercial and High Security facilities since 1976. Our primary service area is the DC Metro region. We also provide a variety of interior and exterior specialty services.