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Our Clients Say It Best

When clients take the time to commend our team, we are especially pleased and proud! Below are highlights from recent client messages.

Never in my ten years at Reston have I had my area and the surrounding area cleaned as thoroughly as what Andre did this morning! He is phenomenal. Not only did he vacuum thoroughly, but he also used the hose to get into small crevices that normally don’t get touched. My office looks like new! What a joy to find someone who takes so much pride in his work!

~ Client at High Security Facility

Craig is always very responsive, courteous, and understanding of our requirements. Florence is great with dealing with a high-traffic environment and keeps the building looking very respectable and professional. Andy deserves kudos as well for his backup role when Florence is out, as he is also a motivated self-starter who has earned my respect as a professional.

~ Neal U.

I wanted to express our sincere appreciation for the excellent housekeeping and customer service performed by Antonio and Caroline. Antonio swiftly but thoroughly attends to his duties. Caroline, whether assigned to do so or self-initiated, thoroughly cleaned every trashcan in the area. They both take their job very seriously and do everything they can to ensure that the customer is happy–and we are!

~ Jessica B.

I truly believe that Mister Kleen is lucky to have a worker such as Eleni as an employee. She is honest, kind, respectful, has a great personality, and most importantly a very hard worker. I am sure that Mister Kleen feels the same way, by having not only a hard worker but a worker that has such a beautiful personality that reflects well on the organization. She is very popular in this facility because of her personality, smile, her hard work, and her accomplishments.

~ Eugene G.

Danilo is the best. He is patient and understands our needs and addresses them in a timely fashion. I kid Danilo from time to time, but only because he is not only a great guy, but he has a good sense of humor. Thanks for all you do, Danilo.

~ Greg M.

During the past several months I have observed Andre as he cleaned, and I want to point out his exceptional performance. He is diligent to a fault, careful and thorough. He does not rush through his job, but takes care to do it well. I have been very impressed. Professional and polite, he is just a superb employee. He’s the kind of guy I’d hire if his application ever came my way. Thank you for his excellent services.

~ Client at High Security Facility

the security connection update

How to Spot an Impersonator in Your Text Messages

Scammers have long used social media to impersonate people you know and trust, but recently they’ve been using a new tactic: text messages with a spoofed caller ID. This scam can be hard to spot at first glance, so watch out for the warning signs.

How the scam works

You get a text message that shows up in your phone as from Mom (or in other variations, Dad). According to the message, Mom is at the store, but she left her credit card at home by accident. Could you send her $150 to finish her shopping?

The request seems harmless, but don’t do it! Scammers have spoofed caller ID to appear as Mom or Dad. They are relying on the fact that many people have Dad or Mom saved in their contacts list. Scammers hope you won’t think twice (or double-check the phone number) before sending help. If you do transfer money to a bank or digital wallet account, your money will be gone for good.

Security Connection Update

How to spot fake emergency text messages

  • If anything about a message is unusual, consider it a red flag. If your parents never send text messages, it’s probably not them texting now. On the other hand, if they text all the time but never ask for money, you’re probably dealing with an impersonator.
  • Look for a new message thread. Text with your parents on a regular basis, you should be able to see previous messages from them. If you can’t see any of the earlier messages, it’s probably a scammer contacting you for the first time.
  • Double check the sender info. Click on the sender information to make sure the name matches your parent’s real phone number.
  • Call your parents to confirm the story. Look up their number in your contacts list and call them to confirm if the message really came from them.
  • Don’t be fooled if a scammer has personal information about you. Because of data breaches and social media posts, scammers may have their hands on some of your personal information, including your name and your parent’s name.
  • If you suspect a scam, don’t answer the message. Just block the number and delete the message. If you reply, scammers will know your number is active and could target you with scams in the future.

Source: Better Business Bureau

Specialty Services: Disinfecting Services

Maintaining a safe and clean environment is a top priority at Mister Kleen. We offer a variety of disinfection services ranging from daily maintenance to incident-specific options. Our Enhanced Kleen program creates a specific plan for your business to upgrade your cleaning services with the latest best practices with an increased focus on health and safety.

Below are disinfecting services we recommend for your space:

Disinfecting services

High-touch points

Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting high touch-point areas is one of our most sought out Enhanced Kleen services. Areas such as door handles, elevator buttons, railings, light switches (among many others) can harbor commonly spread germs and viruses such as COVID, Influenza, and RSV.

Touchless Strategies

Implementing touchless strategies in shared areas like placing hand sanitizer stations in lobbies, and door pedals in restrooms can help reduce the spread of viruses by minimizing physical contact with high-touch surfaces.

Electrostatic Spraying

One of the most popular services of our Enhanced Kleen program is electrostatic spraying, which is a highly effective liquid disinfection solution. Electrostatic Spraying eliminates the need for disinfecting crews to physically touch potentially infected surfaces and reduces the possibility of cross-contamination. We recommend having this service done any time gatherings or meetings take place, and we also answer emergency calls for this service after someone tests positive for a virus to help mitigate and minimize exposure.

Ongoing disinfection services are a tool to keep customers and employees healthy and satisfied with their experience in your space.

Electrostatic Spray (1)


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