Staff Highlights

Employee of the Quarter

At Mister Kleen our employees are our success! We recognize excellence with our Employee of the Quarter awards. Every quarter the operations management and headquarters management teams nominate and vote for the employees who have made the most meaningful impact on our clients, their co-workers and our company. Winners receive a certificate, a monetary gift, and recognition in The Kleen Sweep!


JULY 2022

Andrew is a hard-working team player. On weekends, Andrew is assigned to chill beams, which is a difficult assignment. It requires climbing a ladder and working above your head. Andrew does this with great quality and speed. We were two to three months behind schedule and due to his hard work, we are back on schedule. Andrew also works during the week as a floater. He gladly accepts any assignments and completes them with high quality.”

Walter Gesford, Area Manager


Alba has been a dedicated employee since 2003—almost 20 years! Due to an injury, she is unable to work at the client site and has been covering HQ—which sparkles since she assumed this role. Alba consistently goes way beyond the call of duty. We have an extensive list of daily tasks assigned for each day of the week here at the office, and with Alba, I don’t even have to ask if they are done, because I can see that everything is clean and well-maintained. On a personal note, Alba takes great pride in her work and comes to work with a smile on her face.”

Giellen Medeiros, Office Manager

Employee of the Quarter - Alba Bermudez

employee tenure

We are honored to recognize some of our amazing employees for their commitment to Mister Kleen with employee tenure recognition. To show our appreciation, we have a recognition program for employees who celebrate milestone anniversaries of 1, 5, 10, and 15+ years.

Mister Kleen’s recipients for 5 YEARS of dedicated service are:

Mister Kleen’s recipients for 10 YEARS of dedicated service are:

Mister Kleen’s recipients for 15 YEARS of dedicated service are:

Mister Kleen’s recipients for 20 YEARS of dedicated service are:

Chad Clark, RBSM (center) receives recognition and gifts for his 20-year milestone.

We are so grateful to these employees for reaching these awesome milestones. Their hard work and dedication are inspiring and we’re grateful to have them as part of our team. Here’s to many more years.
Thank you!

BEC Fall 2022

Building Excellence Competition

The Building Excellence Competition (BEC) is a special program designed to drive quality in our facilities and build pride, inspiration, and teamwork. Three times a year we have a friendly competition among our employees for the best overall building based on cleanliness, quality, and safety. Our team takes pride in this, and our clients do too! The winning team receives an onsite party, a certificate, and bragging rights!

The winner of the Fall 2022 Building Excellence Competition is a secure government site in Northern Virginia. Congratulations to Project Manager Ethel Caudill and the team for outstanding service and dedication to Mister Kleen, our client, and each other – Great job!

You Make A Difference Award

Congratulations to Evan Sims, Dina Sibrian, Kevin Vanhorn, and Pilar Gonzales – our You Make a Difference award winners. This award recognizes teamwork, productivity and contributions to the company and our customers that are above and beyond. Thank you for all your hard work!

Evan Sims


Evan has exceeded performance by showing up to work on time — and is never late despite taking public transportation, which can be unreliable. All of the customers love him, and he gets along with his teammates. He has become a very hard worker and takes pride in his job, no matter what the task might be.”

Joyce Garner, Area Manager

Dina Sibrian


Dina is a part-time employee at one of our commercial facilities and she helps in every building when needed. It doesn’t matter if it’s the day or night shift, she is always willing to help.”

Danilo Ponce, Area Manager


“Energetic, proactive, producing quality work, having a genuine concern for the overall mission – a team player! Kevin’s meticulous work ethic brings nothing but positive results and is a great reflection of Mister Kleen. He continuously takes the lead in working and completing special projects work throughout the company. Kevin is an asset to Mister Kleen, and to our organization.”

Danilo Ponce, Area Manager



“I have received good feedback about Pilar’s work. She shows up to work on time every day and is ready to go. She takes the initiative to do everything, and I can count on her when needed. I am so pleased with her excellent work, and she continues to do a great job in the building.”

Yolanda Rathbone, Area Manager

Employee Training Update

Mister Kleen is committed to continuous training of our employees to better serve our clients – which we recognize sets us apart.

We have been busy educating our team members over the last several months with the latest in COVID-19 safety and protection as well as other timely educational training, such as through our Enhanced Kleen Program. Additionally, we offer optional bi-weekly IT training sessions covering frequently requested topics for all employees.

We also have an Online Learning Management System (LMS) with over 4,500 courses. Managers are assigned training to improve areas of development like active listening, encouraging team communication and collaboration, setting goals, and leading diversity.

Below are some of the highlights from recent training events:


Fire Safety and First Aid
This training ensures employees understand fire prevention and procedures in the event of a fire. Basic first aid is also reviewed.


Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment training ensures that employees understand the legal definition of sexual harassment, Mister Kleen’s policy, and the complaint reporting process. This training also addresses how to promote a culture of respect and the importance of professional boundaries.


PPE Training
Field employees receive training on the proper use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), including when to use it; what PPE is necessary; how to properly put on, use, and take off; how to properly dispose of or disinfect; how to inspect for damage; how to maintain PPE; and the limitations of PPE.


Cold, COVID-19 & Flu Prevention 
Employees receive training regarding hygiene, the importance of personal self-care, prevention myths, and treatments for a cold or flu. There is also manager training on preventing and managing employee injuries, and manager training at our headquarters for identifying and safeguarding personally identifiable information.


Pandemic Coverage 
Employees are trained in how to maintain a clean and healthy environment to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and viruses. Managers also receive a training on performance management.


Security Awareness/Ethics Training
Security awareness training teaches employees how to recognize and report suspicious behavior. Ethics training focuses on how to identify when our own communications styles and behaviors could be perceived by others as harassment or discrimination.

Annual Contracting Success Conference

The Mister Kleen leadership team learned about the industry’s latest innovations at the 2022 BSCAI Contracting Success Conference. Senior Project Manager Walter Gesford; COO Tony Simon; Director of Contracts Administration Chad Clark, RBSM; Vice President of Operations Dianna Clark, RBSM; and Operations Specialist Yesenia Morales attended the event in Chicago, Illinois, in October.

Left to right are Senior Project Manager Walter Gesford, COO Tony Simon, Director of Contracts Administration Chad Clark, RBSM, Vice President of Operations Dianna Clark, RBSM, and Operations Specialist Yesenia Morales.
The Mister Kleen team enjoyed a great game rooting for our home team, the Washington Commanders, as they won against the Chicago Bears while attending the BSCAI Contracting Success Conference in Chicago.

The 2022 Contracting Success conference was especially beneficial this year. Networking with peers and hearing from other industry leaders how they are maneuvering this unique time for our country with not only COVID, but also the flu, and other viruses to combat. It is an exciting time in our industry with new technologies and a focus on cleaning for health and appearance

~ Dianna Clark

Another great event held by BSCAI keeping our team informed of the latest innovations and also providing an excellent environment to network with our peers to share best practices and build stronger relationships.

~ Tony Simon

I enjoy the growth I get from networking every time I attend the BSCAI conference with experts who have so much experience in the custodial field.

~ Walter Gesford

As a first-time attendee, I enjoyed meeting many new people within the industry and the opportunity to meet vendors and viewing the new innovative technology the industry has to offer. I learned many things within the classes and came back motivated with golden nuggets to improve the operations department.

~ Yesenia Morales

Mister Kleen is a leading provider of contract cleaning services to Commercial and High Security facilities since 1976. Our primary service area is the DC Metro region. We also provide a variety of interior and exterior specialty services.