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Our Clients Say It Best

When clients take the time to commend our team, we are especially pleased and proud! Below are highlights from recent client messages.

I and the team would like to send out our sincere appreciation to Miguel for his great painting work here! Miguel is always professional, always on time, very courteous, and performs tremendous work! Once he finishes, you know the job is fully complete. We never have to call him back on anything. I was particularly impressed with his attention to the smallest details of his work and his efforts in cleaning up after he finishes. Very professional work! When he is done, you would never know he was there! During his last job here, once he finished, Miguel took the initiative to put the room back in order because he knew there was a high level meeting in the room the next morning. It’s very refreshing to see that kind of caring.

~ Client at High Security Facility

Please tell the night crew this message I got from a tenant and tell them thank you for addressing this leak right away: Thank your fabulous cleaning crew for mopping it up now and making sure to tell everyone that it’s slippery. They’re doing a great job!

~ Lyn L.

I just wanted to give a shout out to Margaret, Antonia, Byrd, Mike, and Craig with a special emphasis on Margaret, Antonia, and Byrd. … I want to recognize these folks for their dedication to their mission. (It) is a huge sacrifice to come in here on the weekends to try to keep up with all the challenges and keep these tenants happy. … I want them to know that we very much appreciate their hard work. Their dedication and hard work are not going unnoticed by me, my team, or the tenants! Please know you are doing great work and we are grateful for you!

~ Client at High Security Facility

Thank you and the team so much for pulling everything off yesterday. The space looks great!

~ Client at High Security Facility

Spring CLeaning: Windows And Garages

Spring is the time to give your commercial property a deep clean. With the warmer weather approaching, it’s time to open the windows, let in some fresh air, and get rid of all the dirt and grime that accumulated over the winter. These services are at the top of any spring cleaning checklist for commercial properties:


Over time, the surface of interior windows can become smudged and cloudy due to dust, handprints, moisture buildup, and more. To restore the clarity and sparkle of your interior windows, Mister Kleen’s experienced technicians use specialized cleaning techniques and high-quality products.

We carefully clean every inch of the window surface, removing all traces of dirt, grime, and smudges. The result is crystal-clear windows that let in the natural light and enhance the overall appearance of your interior space.

Exterior windows of office buildings accumulate dirt, debris, dust, bird droppings, spider webs, and more. This accumulation of grime can make the windows appear dirty and unprofessional, and can also block the natural light that enters the building. Mister Kleen‘s trained teams thoroughly clean the exterior windows of low-rise buildings using state-of-the-art extension poles.

We also use a pure water cleaning system that is environmentally friendly since no chemicals are used. This system uses purified water to remove dirt and grime from the windows, leaving them sparkling clean and streak-free.


Harsh winter conditions can leave behind a trail of sand and salt on asphalt and concrete surfaces, leading to long-term damage if not addressed promptly. Power sweeping effectively removes dirt and debris from these surfaces, preparing them for a thorough power scrubbing that eliminates oil, grease, and grime. This thorough cleaning process minimizes the risk of staining, cracking, and pothole formation, extending the lifespan of the parking area.

Once the parking garage or lot is impeccably clean, it’s essential to restripe and repaint the curbs. This step not only enhances the overall appearance but also plays a crucial role in ensuring safety. Clearly marked and painted lines significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents and prevent vehicles from obstructing entrances and intersections.

Additionally, restriping ensures that ADA markings are prominently visible and compliant with accessibility standards.


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